A Drive in Mumbai

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be invited to an Indian wedding in Mumbai. The colors, the excitement and the week-long time span were all as enthusiastically expected. What I loved was the colors. Not only was the bride beautifully embellished, but as guests we were all part of the rich spectacle of decoration and celebration. On the way there I caught this portrait of my mother, in orange, ready to embark on the week of festivities, dressed the part and ready to revel.

Photograph by Rania Zeidan

Photograph by Rania Zeidan

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One thought on “A Drive in Mumbai

  1. […] I’ve mentioned before, that I attended an wedding in Mumbai a few years back, So when the weekly challenge for “Culture” came, I quickly dug up my photos, as I believe an Indian wedding truly epitomizes its culture. […]

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