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ShareTapes  is an Australian start up that is combining the digital & physical world. Remember when you would make mix tapes? Well, most of us should!  This app lets you re-live the thrill of physically giving a lucky recipient that perfect ‘mix tape’.  Basically, how it works is that you make a playlist on one of your social media music accounts (Spotify, YouTube, 8tracks amongst others…you must have one by now!), and log on to the website to record your play list.

The only thing is that you must purchase the actual tape first (a card that contains Near Field Communication & a QR code which helps you listen to the playlist instantly on your smartphone, in addition to on your computer).

Whereas  allows you to create a unique visually customized playlist to share with your friends online – by sending them a link – ShareTapes  is taking this concept back offline & translating digital data onto a physical object, which then can be translated back to digital form. It’s personalizing the experience of sharing content, which has become almost mechanical with everyone sitting behind their computer screens, tablets, phones, t.v.s, laptops, <<electronic device>> etc.

It’s also good for up and coming music artists to distrubute their music, at parties and gigs what not…

I think it’s doing well considering the ShareTapes are momentarily out of stock!

Start making those playlists.

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