90s movie soundtracks from the heart of a teenage girl…

Growing up I was in love with movie soundtracks, it left me thinking and feeling the film long after it had finished. I still feel the soundtrack makes up at least half of the catharsis of a good movie.

So here’s a list of 5 of the top movie soundtracks I loved (and still do) from the 90s (some nostalgia for you there).

1. Romeo & Juliet (with Leo of course) –1996

2. Great Expectations (the art was my favorite part of the movie, and of course Anne Bancroft as Ms. Havisham) – 1998

3. Cruel Intentions (who didn’t watch this as a teenager?) – 1999

4. The Beach (More Leo) – 2000 (close enough)

5. American Beauty (Kevin Spacey…divine) –1999

So here’s a play list compilation of my favorite tracks from each of my favorite movies growing up – what are your favorite movie soundtracks?


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