Book Review: The Examined Life, How we Lose and Find Ourselves by Dr. Stephen Grosz

This is a very interesting non-heavy book if you are interested in psychoanalysis.
Each chapter is an anecdote of a patient that Dr. Stephen Grosz has had throughout his 20+ years career.
The read goes by so quickly and his style of writing is intriguing and captivating. He begins each chapter talking about a patient, giving very brief overview of their history & relationship “I had been seeing Ms. N for four years when she came to me one day…”
He lays out the main issue that him and the patient were tackling, giving away snippets of their conversation as well as how it made him, as a psychoanalyst react. He then continues to explain the conclusion they reached, and the underlying fundamental reason that he came to conclude was the issue with that particular patient (this is usually in the name of each chapter).

There is also quite a few moments of self-reflection which Dr. Grosz writes about, which stems from his experiences with his patients. He even has a chapter on his father.

Dr. Grosz has written an enriching read that confronts the issues of why we act the way we do, and gives suggestions and examples that he has come across throughout career. Perhaps a story will touch you in a certain way and push you to accept or confront an similar issue that arises within yourself, or those you know. Overall an easy read with clear and interesting explanations, not to mention enjoyable, highly recommended!

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One thought on “Book Review: The Examined Life, How we Lose and Find Ourselves by Dr. Stephen Grosz

  1. Eli says:

    Sound like a great read. im hoping to get it . Thanks for sharing and for the review.

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