Seeking Single Sock…

…to spend quality time with in cozy bottom Drawer.

The below socks have lost their other half in a dry tumble while vacationing in the laundry room. Has anyone seen their other half?

But I guess that’s the thing with socks. Somewhere between the laundry basket and back to drawer status, a few tend to go missing. Vanishing, never to reappear. To quote Jack Nicholson in Heartburn “Where do all the socks go?”

In order to try and answer this question, I went on a mission to find the other half of each lonely sock, to forever have matching socks on both feet, to have one sock always comforted and wrapped up in their other, identical soulmate sock. I looked everywhere, under the washing machine, in corners of closets, even in other sock inhabited drawers around the house. I managed to find a few…though some just never surfaced. Below are the single socks that have still to find their other half…have you seen them?



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4 thoughts on “Seeking Single Sock…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you %..
    Lonely socks can make wonderful puppets. Just give it to s kid and the sock will turn to b a beautiful puppet. Sometimes lonely times can teach us a lot..just dig in, in the deep end and you will find it…

  2. Raja says:

    It happens to all of us

  3. avawhinge says:

    I think it’s men! They see a hole in a sock and throw it in the bin. But the other sock is left somewhere near the washing basket and then their loving wives pick them up and put them in the wash. It’s the only plausible reason.

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