Artist: Bonobo

I have been a big fan on Bonobo after discovering his music in 2008.  In fact I was lucky enough to bump into him hanging out at the bar at a London party last summer (the perks of a big city) & after chatting he told me that his new album is coming out in April and that it will be ‘more up beat’ than the last one’ (words from the musician himself!). Lo & Behold April came and went and his new album is out (man of his word). If you’re unfamiliar with his music, it’s an eclectic mix of smooth beats and various instruments.

Another interesting fact about Bonobo (who’s real name is Simon Green) – he often plays each of the multiple instruments in his tracks himself, and superimposes them digitally during production, slowly building up and adding instruments, vocals (many by the talented szjerdene) and melodies throughout each track. Truly, a talented DJ & musician. Great background and day-dreamy type music.

Here are a few of my favorite all time tracks by him, old & new:

For more Bonobo music & remixes, follow him on sound cloud here.

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