Stress Tummy Tips

If your anything like me and are always looking for ways to flatten your tummy, then you’ll probably want to take in these tips. Exercise and healthy eating, yes that is important, of course – but why is it that all that work still leaves you with that little bit extra! So here are a few tips that should help you de-stress & deflate!

1)   Sleep Earlier, well at least try

2)   Don’t have more than two cups of coffee per day

3)   Take baths

4)   Drink Magnesium

5)   Drink Chamomile tea in the evenings

6)   Make sure to eat green leafy vegetables daily

7)   Oat bran and grains should be part of your regular diet

8)   Miso soup, onions and garlic are good for you! Just eat some parsley after

9)   Pro-biotic yoghurts

10) Have short 10-minute walks after every meal

11) 10 deep breaths in the morning as soon as you wake up

…in addition to healthy eating and exercising, of course 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Stress Tummy Tips

  1. Interesting. Not too hard to try. Thank 🙂

  2. great! let me know how it goes 🙂

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