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Film Review: A Cat in Paris

Sometimes, you’re just in the mood for cartoons with a cat. And I don’t mean tom & jerry. This cute animation, A Cat in Paris, is the story of a cat who runs around Paris at night with a burgalar, assisting him in robbing apartments by moonlight. During the day, the cat returns to his owner, a sweet little French girl, for some TLC & snooze time. If you’re a cat lover, and still a child at heart, you will enjoy this French cartoon. Although you can also find it in English, or with subtitles. One of those family movies that everyone likes.  Especially for the cat people!

Watch the trailer here.

A Cat in Paris

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The Invaluable Advice of the Berenstain Bears

Growing up, I absolutely loved reading. And I’m sure like anyone, there’s always that series of books that was your favourite. For me it was The Bernstein Bears. Every time I’d buy a new one and add it to my collection I’d get so excited, reading it over and over until I’d near memorised it.  The first of the series was published in 1962 and they are still going on today, even though Jan and Stan Berenstain passed away not too long ago. Just to show that the books are indeed timeless! Not only was it so much fun to hear about the lives of sister bear, brother bear, papa and mama bear, but each book started off with some valuable advice. Below are some quotes that even at 25, hold just as true.

1) On fruit, and strangers:  “You can’t always tell from the outside which are the ‘bad apples’”.

2) On not forgetting your manners and warning us future adults of potential road rage “Please and Thank you, help quite a lot…manners and courtesy are just as important away from home—especially on the road”.

3) On the importance of saving money “When little bears spend every nickel and penny, the trouble with money is – they never have any”.  Same holds true of big bears.

4) On the importance of a proper diet “healthy food is good”. Pretty straight forward there.

5) And the age old honesty is the best policy…”No matter how you hope, no matter how you try, you can’t make truth out of a lie…”

Thank you Berenstain Bears!!!

bbears2 bbears3 bbears5 berenstain-bears1

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