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Film Review: A Cat in Paris

Sometimes, you’re just in the mood for cartoons with a cat. And I don’t mean tom & jerry. This cute animation, A Cat in Paris, is the story of a cat who runs around Paris at night with a burgalar, assisting him in robbing apartments by moonlight. During the day, the cat returns to his owner, a sweet little French girl, for some TLC & snooze time. If you’re a cat lover, and still a child at heart, you will enjoy this French cartoon. Although you can also find it in English, or with subtitles. One of those family movies that everyone likes.  Especially for the cat people!

Watch the trailer here.

A Cat in Paris

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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above – Black Cat in the White Snow

We have quite a few cats around in our neighborhood (including two of our own, and one permanent visitor). Though we often have a few guests who come and visit quite frequently. As the below: black kitten that can’t keep still, so this shot was a quick one!

photo by Rania Zeidan

photo by Rania Zeidan

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