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Film Review: A Cat in Paris

Sometimes, you’re just in the mood for cartoons with a cat. And I don’t mean tom & jerry. This cute animation, A Cat in Paris, is the story of a cat who runs around Paris at night with a burgalar, assisting him in robbing apartments by moonlight. During the day, the cat returns to his owner, a sweet little French girl, for some TLC & snooze time. If you’re a cat lover, and still a child at heart, you will enjoy this French cartoon. Although you can also find it in English, or with subtitles. One of those family movies that everyone likes.  Especially for the cat people!

Watch the trailer here.

A Cat in Paris

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Pink & Perfect: Moonrise Kingdom and Prada Candy

Moonrise Kingdom is another quirky and artistic dry comedy from the brilliant Wes Anderson, one that I’ve already seen several times, and am intending on watching again. The plot being two twelve year olds who run away together that causes mayhem on the island that they live on when a search is carried out to find them.  It captures what it’s like to be twelve again with dry wit and beautiful art direction. Set in the 1960s the attention to detail is so stylish, I relish the visual feast every time I watch it.

Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom
film snapshot

So I was thrilled to see his new Three-part Ad for Prada Candy. Which epitomizes so much of the moonrise kingdom atmosphere. The retro style, the French and the nonchalance attitude of the girl: a delightful treat.

Now time for some Francois Hardy.

Prada Candy


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