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Film Review: Curfew

Curfew is a short film from writer/director, Shawn Christensen, who also stars in this movie. Not surprisingly it won best live action short film at the Oscars earlier this year…I got to see it at last years BFI Film Festival in London & it was really great. It starts off with a 20 something year old man in the bathtub, wrists slit and waiting to die. Until he gets a phone call. He decides to answer it, and it is his sister asking him to babysit for her daughter, urgently. Just this once. Reluctantly, he removes himself from the bathtub, and goes on to babysit the 9-year old.

What follows is an adorable depiction of the relationship between niece and uncle.  The film is only 19 minutes long with beautiful art direction and a great soundtrack. Set in New York, it’s a short that is truly endearing, charming as it is tragic.

Click here to watch the trailer.


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Artist: Bonobo

I have been a big fan on Bonobo after discovering his music in 2008.  In fact I was lucky enough to bump into him hanging out at the bar at a London party last summer (the perks of a big city) & after chatting he told me that his new album is coming out in April and that it will be ‘more up beat’ than the last one’ (words from the musician himself!). Lo & Behold April came and went and his new album is out (man of his word). If you’re unfamiliar with his music, it’s an eclectic mix of smooth beats and various instruments.

Another interesting fact about Bonobo (who’s real name is Simon Green) – he often plays each of the multiple instruments in his tracks himself, and superimposes them digitally during production, slowly building up and adding instruments, vocals (many by the talented szjerdene) and melodies throughout each track. Truly, a talented DJ & musician. Great background and day-dreamy type music.

Here are a few of my favorite all time tracks by him, old & new:

For more Bonobo music & remixes, follow him on sound cloud here.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up – Time for Spring Cleaning

Here’s my picture for this week’s photo theme “Up”. Taken in Angel, London last spring.

On the right is a tree, and the left…a house…with a tree basically grown onto it.

Time for some spring cleaning!!!

by Rania Zeidan

by Rania Zeidan

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Martin Parr: Photography Uncensored

One of my favorite British photographers, or photographers in general for that matter, is Martin Parr. His ability to photograph and portray sarcasm in almost every one of his pictures amazes me. If ever in need of some visual humor, you can always rely on him. I particularly like his older photographs of Britons beaching it up in the summer. Here’s a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Photograph by Martin Parr

Photograph by Martin Parr

Photograph by Martin Parr

Photograph by Martin Parr

Photograph by Martin Parr

Photograph by Martin Parr

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Book Review: The Hand That First Held Mine by Maggie O’Farrell

Book Cover

Book Cover

This book, The Hand that First Held Mine, is by Maggie O’Farrell, who in my opinion is a great storyteller.
Alternating between past and present, each chapter of this book tells the story of either Lexi or Elaina. Lexi’s story is set in the 1950s-60s and Elaina’s is set in present day. Two women whom, unknown to them, share something in common (you’ll find out). The only reason I rate it 4 out of 5 stars is because I would’ve liked it to be just about the 1950s part, although that would take away from the story- the present-day part is still very good, very interesting and ties in with a twist at the end-its just a personal thing (i prefer period writings in comparison to anything contemporary).

Not only is this a beautiful story line, but there are so many themes tackled, beautiful descriptive passages and just such good writing that takes you so deep into the stories.

The way O’Farrell writes makes you feel as if you are there with Lexie. Sitting beside her. Staring at her red scarf, then looking away to see who’s just walked into the random Soho cafe. Having a cigarette with her, watching her blow smoke into the thick air. Observing the buttons on her blouse, the colour of her hair. When you put the book down you can still hear the London traffic and smell the musky air of the 1950s. The style is just so atmospheric.

It also tackles themes (though subtly- you don’t feel it as you read it which is why it’s so fantastic) such as Love, Trust and Motherhood. And such honest portrayls of each. O’Farrell doesn’t write a pretty-picture story,she just tells it the way it is.

The characters are real people. The locations are real locations- the only thing fabricated is the wonderful story and lives of these people you will grow to love so much. If you want to travel back into time- and really feel something, read this. I highly reccomend it.

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