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A walk on the Corniche: Beirut

One of the many charms of Beirut, is that the bustling city is straight on the Mediterranean sea. In the heart of Beirut, you can walk down to the “Corniche”, as we call it, the boardwalk, and find your own escape, taking a long walk along the sea. Since I’ve remembered, you will always find the usual characters there. The man who sells Turkish coffee, he who sells ‘Kaak’ (a special Arabic bread in the shape of a bag, topped with sesame seeds or spices)…the Beirut runners, the walkers, joggers. The children who have found a space to run free and ride their bikes. A bench where lovers sit staring into the horizon. Where friends stroll along, deep in conversation, shoe shiners, ponderers and lonely philosophers smoking their cigarettes. Fishermen, laughing groups of teenage boys…those climbing over the side of the cliff for a free swim, and those just enjoying the sea breeze, watching the sunset, alone in their thoughts. Best of all, you will always find a mix of people from all around the country, young old, travellers and locals.

Here are a few pictures to give you a taste of it, on a calm summer afternoon.

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