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Book Review: The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O’Farrell

This story goes back and forth between 1930s & present day Edinburgh. In the 1930s, Esme Lennox is sent away to a mental institution on account of her hysteria. Forward to present day Edinburgh where her great-niece is called upon to collect her previously unknown, great-aunt from the same instutition, which is now shutting down. This leaves her niece trying to piece together the puzzle of how she came to live in a mental institution for 60 years. It has the typical O’Farrell style of weaving together two stories from different generations. O’Farrell gives away pieces of information throughout, interweaving past and present until everything comes together in the end, with a signature twist. Set in Scotland, the backdrop adds to the mysteries that continue to unfold throughout the book. It is one of those books that only loosly ties the knot at the end, leaving it up to the reader to fill in some of the blanks. It is quite a short and easy read; it does not even have any chapters. Something that would be good for a week-end beach trip, or a long flight. Although it does not compete with The Hand that First Held Mine, it is an easy-read, quirky novel that leaves you wondering.

Vanishing Act

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Seeking Single Sock…

…to spend quality time with in cozy bottom Drawer.

The below socks have lost their other half in a dry tumble while vacationing in the laundry room. Has anyone seen their other half?

But I guess that’s the thing with socks. Somewhere between the laundry basket and back to drawer status, a few tend to go missing. Vanishing, never to reappear. To quote Jack Nicholson in Heartburn “Where do all the socks go?”

In order to try and answer this question, I went on a mission to find the other half of each lonely sock, to forever have matching socks on both feet, to have one sock always comforted and wrapped up in their other, identical soulmate sock. I looked everywhere, under the washing machine, in corners of closets, even in other sock inhabited drawers around the house. I managed to find a few…though some just never surfaced. Below are the single socks that have still to find their other half…have you seen them?



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