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What Shooting Stars are really made out of…

The below YouTube clip really made me laugh. It’s Colonel Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut, explaining what a shooting star could, quite technically, and sometimes actually is, truly made out of. The Canadian astronaut most recently worked onboard the International Space station as Commander, conducting a record-setting number of scientific experiments onboard & recently came back down to earth this past spring. What makes him special though, is how accessible he is to us earthlings. He is avid on Social Media, and orbiting the planet doesn’t stop him. While in Space, he still surfs the net, has Skype chats and posts on Twitter. He takes the time to answer the questions of curious children (and adults) about the universe, flying objects, stars, planets and basically what it’s like to live outside our planet…typical astronaut stuff….while floating around in zero gravity.

So if you’re ever curious to what happens when you sneeze in space, about what astronauts eat, and other perhaps more profound questions of the universe, you can rely on him to probably have already answered them. You can check him out on Twitter, YouTube & of course, Facebook

He is also coming out with an autobiography “An Astraonaut’s Guide to Life on Earth”, & even has a sound cloud account (!), which has recordings of “The Sounds of Space”. Oh, and he even has a music video, Space Oddity – Ground Control to Major Tom, filmed on the space station up, in space.

Is there anything this guy can’t do?


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No Patience for Patience. It’s a high-tech life.

It’s funny that these days with every interaction being information overload, people strive for “slow-living” & the whole “slow-movement” thing, yet get frustrated when it’s just not working! No one seems to have the patience for patience. So even though meditation and relaxation is what everyone seems to be longing for, to get away from the wireless atmosphere and data digitally seeping into our brains, the strive for inner peace is just tooooo time consuming. So in order to get away from technology, we must use technology!

Dying to check your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other of the numerous social media apps you have? Trying to work while you’re heart’s begging to visit some other ‘distracting website’ (guilty: Mashable, Food Network, random ‘how did I end up here?’ YouTube videos). Why rely on will power??? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Self Control app timer will forbid it for you! -and in case you’re not a mac user, Self Restraint app will forbid it for you! And if you can handle the internet, just not your friends, there’s always the more mellow option of just being Anti-social.

What about those times when you just need to zen out? No time for mediation? Then Buddhify your life!  Buddhify is a smartphone/ tablet app that allows you to meditate on-the-go. That’s right, on the bus? That’s fine! On the train? Fine again! On your bike? mmm….Maybe not so fine!

Buttt – if someone else is driving the moving mode of transport you so happen to be in & you don’t mind closing your eyes and breathing deeply on public transport for a good five minutes, then this is YOUR app-to-go-to.

Not only public transport, walking down the street or at the gym are also options!  Oh & ofcourse you can always just sit at home and do it – if you’ve got the time for that.

However, while we find ourselves in a rush to get our to-do-list done & our social media online presence up-to-date, let’s remember the wise words of our pink friend piglet:

“Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.”

*quote from winnie-the-pooh, A.A. Milne

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